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Send it to your new secure address.

Start your shopping journey with Microhub. Just use our address for your online orders, and we'll handle the rest.

We take care of your packages

Package arrives at your local microhub

Your online orders are securely delivered to your nearest microhub. Once it arrives, you receive a notification and real time tracking of your order.

Your Packages at Your Doorstep.

Discover the simplicity of having all your packages delivered directly to your doorstep, choosing your preferred delivery time.

Real-Time Tracking

Access your packages on your terms with our 24/7 pickup option at the local Microhub.

Anytime Pickup.

Walking Distance from your building.

Hold on packages. Perfect for when you are out of town.

Secure Storage for Travel & More

Up to 60 days

Your time is our priority

Your Time, Your Way

Take control of your deliveries, Use our app and Choose  your best option

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